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Plush Stairs GA – Payment #2. And super quick sales!

Everyone paid the first payment fast, thank you all for that. <3 It's time to ship our plushes from Japan to United States.

Here are links to invoices
Noppin invoice
Paypal invoice (Again, xcuddleofdeathx has paid the shipping already, to get the total in USD)

And here's the updatedspreadsheet.
I had to add $0.01-0.28 to some people to compensate the different Paypal fees for different countries. It's not much for one person, but when there's several cases, it'll be more to xcuddleofdeath.
Also there's only one payment column this time, but I calculated for everyone their countries specific fees already. There were some people, who didn't mark their location, but I just assumed they were all from US. If some of them are not, they'll pay a bit more in the last payment.

Payment Instructions: 
Send payments to: Krissyokb@yahoo.com
Have the subject line as: Username + Plush Stairs GA Payment 2
And put the name of the item(s) you won in the memo :)  

Please comment below when you have paid and edit the spreadsheet. We'll go through all payments anyway, but it'll still make it a bit easier. :)

You have 48 hours to pay again and negative feedback will be left to any tardy person. But hopefully I don't have to do that.

The second topic:
I had to do some collection weeding. All these Eevees take so much room from my collection cabinet, that I have to get rid of two of my small side collections, Lilligant and Zorua. .__.
The Zorua lot includes the Movie Medal, which I have not seen anywhere. I got it in a Kids lot from Y!J, so I'm not sure, how much I should ask for it individually. So I'll put it up for offers.

I also got some Megablocks from Japan. I'm going to sell the bigger megablock set at a fleamarket tomorrow (it would be way too expensive to ship, so I don't even try to sell it here), but I'll offer all Pokemon Megablocks and the Dawn character to the community first, if anyone is interested. Anything that doesn't sell today, will probably be included in the set I'm going to sell and not available later.

I edited my previous sales post, because adding sales to a payment post would be a bit confusing. So click the image of all new things to get to the sales post. I reduced some prices and added a lot discount option to my stickers as well. I'll try to sell any leftovers on the fleamarket, so this may be your last chance of getting these from me. :)

Tags: group auction
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