Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

GA news, Quick Sale and Eevee Auction

Hi guys, apologies for the delay in an update about these GAs!

Magnetic Pokeball GA - I have paid the customs fee for this parcel but it is yet to arrive at my home. Please don't panic, it will most likely arrive (to rapturous applause) on Monday from Parcelforce. I will be mailing any paid balls on Friday, so there is plenty time to pay.
These CANNOT be mailed with any other items due to them coming to my Derbyshire address.

Squawky Talky Lugia GA - I am waiting on the last half a dozen payments! Please check your PM inbox if you bid and have yet to pay. I will be paying Sanderfowl on Monday and he will be arranging the courier shortly. Pics, cleaning, cuddles and news when those arrive at my home. :)

And lastly, these Mews are looking for a home! $15 shipped anywhere for the group:

TOMY, Burger King (working but very tired) and Jakks.

And this medium sized Eevee Plush is up for Auction for one week, starting at $15

Tags: eevee, figures, group auction, mew, sales
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