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I've been creepin’ around the community for the past month or so and now that I'm more familiar with how this place rolls I've finally decided that now was a good time to introduce myself.
...was that a run-on sentence? Merp.
Anyway, my name is Tina Pan and I’m 17 ½ years old. I live all the way in Fartsville, Pennsylvania, which is very close to the nice old city of Philadelphia. haha, gotcha. My town is not called Fartsville, but I really do live in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere suburbia.

Next year I'll be going to art school in New York where I'll be able to continue showing my love for pokemans by getting a parttime job and earning money, (thus spending 99% of it on merch as I slowly starve) all the while pestering my older sis/new neighbor since we’d then be living only 30 minutes away from eachother. I am called by my sister’s name Shirley many times on the web because it is with her who I am sharing my paypal account with. Yes, it's a bad idea, but she rarely uses it anymore! *raises her arms up and screams “DON’T SHOOT ME!”*

And until I’m 18, I can’t change the name of the account. BAHAHAha…haha…ha…ugh. I wish I were 18, that way I could do ALOT more cool grownup things...like...I dunnoHo-oh, vote and buy lottery tickets I suppose. But in any case, being 18 would give me the right to have my very own credit card, and…with all this pokemon merch that I've been getting lately I am more anxious than ever to be building up good credit.

So another thing about me if you’re still reading (kudos to you)- is that I’m a noob collector. BUT, I am an aspiring noob collector. Right now I’m obsessed with the very popular pokemon- Dialga, Arceus, Mew and Latios. Not Latias so much because Latios seems more BA.

So yeah. Talk about unique obsessions. But it can’t be helped!

As for collecting merchandise I am always looking out for pokedex and battle museum figures. Especially clear figures. My jesus.

I am also interested in the many charms and kid figures that are going around today. Gotta catch them all right?


So about my history with pokemon…it has been so fleeting… yet the franchise, media, and everything pokemon related has surrounded me for all my life. My long, …very long 17 years. *sarcasm*

The first pokemon merch I can remember having was an episode 1 to something video cassette. Yeah....those bricks that no one uses anymore.  …Wait, no. I lied, because I just watched Heidi not too long ago and cried my butt off throughout the whole movie! Ha, but I digress.
In 1st grade I got my first trading card: A porygon TCG!....
that disintegrated in my coat pocket the week after I got it.
Also I had a total bootleg lightup pikachu sitting-in-a-basket lantern that blasted some shrill nameless tune...which I personally thought was very cool...though booties are actually… not very cool..:'(

And the only other things to my title were a few pokemon stampers. I think I might even still have them! But they’re not exactly rare, so all thoughts of selling those are dry.

I would rather chat and make new friends than have a buyer or seller mindset- so as I’m bidding or buying I’ll often ramble or heck just talk about the weather. LET’S TALK ABOUT WORLDLY WEATHER.

Hyup. That’s pretty much a nutshell for what I was going for as an intro. I hope it passes, and that I’ll be sticking around and getting to know the community for as long as Pokemon makes cool products and cheesy episodes! I hope that doesn’t offend anyone with that “cheesy episodes” comment, but yeah. I was turned off by the Diamond and Pearl series. What in the world happened to Ash’s voice? Puberty gone wrong right there. And this one trainer who appeared in the series…PAUL -just absolutely scared me. I could see the darkness of his soul from the other side of the screen.


I don’t have many things to sell or trade as of now since I’m just starting my collection, but I’ll see if I can do any art commissions in the future! (cartoony style) And I could possibly make pickups for people here too, because I just know I’ll be making frequent stops to Nintendo World. :'D

Take care and thanks for reading! *hands you a delicious cyber cookie*'

Cupa tea

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