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Collection update!! Finally

I haven't posted anything in months. So that means I have a big collection update. ^_^ Including something I've waited a long time for and has finally arrived <3


Custom by the wonderful Usakochan! O my little Arcanine you are so pretty!! <3 It was a long wait but it was really worth it.

KFC 069KFC 071 

Pokémon 6? Why hasn't anyone told me about this?! =D And just look at this cards, Whirlipede with 9000 HP?? I'm undefeatable!! Mwahahaha- .. sorry what? They are fake? No way!
I got this tin last summer when I was on vacation with my brother in Turkey. It was great they sold some Pokemon merch at the market, even though it is realllllly fake.

Pokémon 046
My new Arcanine and Growlithe merch!
White fur Arcanine kid, chibi stamp green base, chibi stamp pink base (I now have all three of the different colors!!), Arcanine 151 figure and a Growlithe figure. I'm not sure what it is. Any ideas?
(After making the pictures I received my Growlithe Pokemon Time strap and tin. So they are not in the picture, that will be in the next update.)

Pokémon 061
New Flareon (and Eevee) merch!
Flareon chibi stamp green base (got all the colors now!), Flareon attack kid, Eevee kid and Eevee zukan.
(Same story as with Arcanine, after making the pictures a new package arrived with the clear FCS Flareon and the Chou Gett Eevee. They will be in the next post!)

Pokémon 020
New: Bulbasaur chibi stamp blue - Ivysaur strap - Ivysaur zukan!!

Pokémon 042
Pikachu!! The Pikachu myster dungeon figure is new. =)

Pokémon 014
The newer version of the Chikorita Tomy is new. =)

And this:

GRAIL I Love Pikachu Pouch Banpresto
My Grail.
I've never called anything a grail before. Why this one?
Because I'm not sure it even exists. This was a picture released for the I <3 Pikachu campaign last year. However, the final product looked very different from this picture. =(
But maybe there is a prototype? Maybe a few exist? Has anyone ever seen one? I would like to know!

Tags: arcanine, eevee, flareon, ivysaur, pikachu
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