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*lady_avii's auctions and sales*

Hello everyone!
Today I have some sales and auctions for you all. As you know a few days ago I got a magical box of goodies. I just finished getting them all uploaded in my sales post in my journal, along with an auctions post!

I have the Tomy Raikou, and Entei along with the RARE Jolteon metal figure up for auction today.

Here is a little preview of what are up for auction in my auctions post:

plush:metal auctions
click here or photo to be brought to my auctions post.

I have a whole bunch of items up for straight sale in my sales post, also a few lots of items I just want gone. Here is a little preivew:

click here or photo to be brought to my sales post.

Also I finally finished the seed bead sprites I have been working on. Currently I only have the Eeveelutions, as I am busy working on sculpture commissions. I have decided that since they take quite a bit of time, and I can not work with all pokemon, I may not do custom commission.
I will however take advice on who I should do next. Like I said, some Pokemon I just can't make work (i.e Magikarp) I work with a specific bead technique and not all patterns made with this look good. So feel free to leave a comment below on who you would like me to make.

Okay, so here they are, they range from the 1"-2". Made from Miyuki seed beads, with a clip strap.

*sales permission granted bydewotton 10/4/12
*feedback >here<
*I ship from Hawaii, and can ship internationally.
*will be mailed in a regular letter, unless you ask for a bubble mailer.


They are all $15 each.


*ignore the ugly ruler* This is to see size wise, ones with tails like Vaporeon are longer.

NOTE: As I said above, I will not be taking commissions at this time for seed bead charms. I will take advice on who I should make next. Also if you would like an Eeveelution charm, but it has already sold, just leave a comment. It will help me to decide how many more to make.

Thanks for your time today! Have a great weekend! *( ^ ^ )*
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