Nova (mewtwoxwolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

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Can't get enough of dat hair

So, I have decided. I need to have more Colress-es in my life. :D I love this guy, he is so awesome. Colress' battle theme, his labcoat, the air of mystery, his motives, the hair...everything.
But, this brings up the question, is there any merch of him besides cards..such as a figure, perhaps? Stickers, non-TCG flats, manga appearances (yes, I would rip out a page in a manga for him), or being present on any random merch? Sadly I am 100% sure there is no plush of him. Bah. >.<
Does anyone else collect humans, and is it difficult? Sorry if this post is kinda pointless, I will delete it if so. :3
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