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Small collection update and small sales.

Hey community, I don't update about my collection anymore haha. So I bring to you a small collection update!!! And there some sales there too which include Oshawotts and A Black and White 2 Clearfile. 

First of all, I'm going to start off with a major get for my Shaymin collection, this was pretty much the only item left that I need/wanted, to complete the movie items. Thanks so much Jadekitty for keeping a lookout for me and thanks so much Skittyfan for selling it to me. Now all I really need/want to be satisfied with my Shaymins is the DX Pokedoll, if any of you ever see it, I would be forever grateful if you notify me. ;w;

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Here are a few Latias merch that I've recently gotten. Makes me sort of sad since I like latios more and I can't seem to find anymore new things that I don't have of him already besides that counterparts to the suction cup and the museum figure. But I guess I'll have to be patient. 

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I really adore this suction cup though, I hope I'll be able to get Latios sometime soon, but I highly doubt it unless its on Y!J or something, haven't seen these things since like 08-09. 

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And here is pretty much my priority now haha, unless DX Skymin pops up. I need to re-arrange things because I can't really fit much in this little area anymore, especially since I'm getting more stuff in. But we will see once they get here I guess. xD 

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DX Skymin Pokedoll (of course haha)
Latios and Latias Diorama Statue (Graily grail)
Souldew Keychain 
Latios and Latias Movie Clear Tomy Figures

Now onto Sales!

Sales permission granted on 07/27/2011 by Denkimouse
* I ship from the US and will ship internationally. There is no smoking in the house, but there is one dog. I keep everything out of reach.
*I try to ship out as soon as I can now that my schedule has been a little busier these last few months.
* I accept PayPal only. I do not do holds
* I am not responsible for items once they are in the buyer's hands.
* Rep page is here:

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Black and White 2 Clearfile (Mint) - $15

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Oshawott Pokedoll (mwt) - $22
Oshawott Canvas Plush (mwt) - $18
Oshawott Mall Tour Plush (mwt) - $20
Oshawott McDonalds Figure - $3
Oshawott TCG figure - $1

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Ho-oh Pokedoll (No hangtag) - $15 

Thanks for looking!!! 
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