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Offer for the shiny plastic figures


Hi, guys. If you still remember the two shiny legendary birds in my last collection-update post. I have a lot of leftovers, and I have no idea what the worth of them is, which means- OFFER TIME! I will not separate the lot because they are really fragile and need to be shipped within a box. I am not gonna take the risk of shipping them in bubble-mailers, and absolutely impossible in a envelope.

I will take offer by tomorrow midnight, and ship the lot out next week when I can get a small box to put them into and bury with enough packing peanuts. Offer will start as low as $1
2012-11-10 20.59.12 (800x600)
2012-11-10 20.59.34 (800x600)

  • Sales permission given by denkimouse on 01/28/2011
  • My feedback:
  • I ship from United States.
  • Paypal ONLY. My paypal address is:
  • The payment will be collected no later than 48 hours. No excuse for late payment.
  • No backing out. Negative feedback will be left w/o an excuse.
  • Anything missed? Please throw them into the comment section.

​Items in used conditions. Having paint lost, part missing as you can tell from the picture. Charizard has its wings pulled off. Dragonite miss its wings and one antenna. Besides, there are a mysterious tail and a trophy cup.

The small figures in the picture are a copper charizard and a mint cream mew

I have also updated my sales post with a lot of Battle Museum Figures, featuring a Tyranitar and a Larvitar.
Tags: auction, blastoise, charizard, clefairy, ditto, dragonite, gengar, gyarados, lapras, larvitar, machamp, mew, sales, tyranitar
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