Amy N. (mellow_candy) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Amy N.

Small plush sale

Hi everyone,
I have a couple of plush for quick sale today.

- I was granted sales permission in 2010 by denkimouse
- I ship from Malaysia and I use registered airmail as default shipping option.
- Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping. Shipping starts at $3.50 for smaller plushes.
- If you have any questions/concerns, please ask.

Zekrom Pokedoll (hang tag unattached) SOLD!
Buneary Canvas (tush tag only) SOLD!
Cubchoo Pokedoll (JPN, hang tag unattached) - $12
Cobalion Pokedoll (hang tag unattached) SOLD!
Lilligant mascot plush (NWT) - $18
Snivy Type Focus plush (NWT) - $15

Thanks for looking!
Tags: plush, sales, zekrom
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