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Wants + Recent Gets Sneak Peek

Hello! It's me again :3 I come here today with a few wants~

Sceptile Pokedoll
Swampert Pokedoll

Feraligatr Banpresto
Typhlosion Banpresto

Alakazam Banpresto
Politoed Banpresto
Porygon-Z Banpresto
Moltres Banpresto
Poochyena Banpresto
Luxray Banpresto
Probopass Banpresto
Loudred Banpresto
Whismur Banpresto

I prefer them to be MWT. Throw me an offer and I'll see if the price fits my budget. xD Also, I am willing to trade for these guys. You can view my Permanent Sales Post to see my items up for grabs.

For my recent gets, here's a preview.

I blurred it on purpose. xD

And for those who missed my post the other day, I opened up my shop! I am mainly selling plushies. But will add some more stuffs eventually.

( HM02 to my Permanent Sales Post )
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