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Re-intro post and wants


Hiyo~! I'm making a re-intro post because i think i might of been long forgotten my username was polkadotie. Anyways! I got into Pokemon and Pokemon collecting last year and somehow it kind of stuck to me. I was introduced to it by someone i knew from the past sadly things didn't work out personally and for...........maybe 5 months when i looked at Pokemon it gave me a sharp pain. I don't want to talk about anymore detail about that just know and found out i still love Pokemon even after all the pain. Sometimes you can associate different objects with people and that's what i did. Now finally i can move on with my life and enjoy collecting Pokemon ^_^.

  I think even when negative things come about there is always something positive that comes out from it, i think Pokemon collecting was positive for me. On a more personal note i am 25 engaged to a wonderful man i collect Pokemon, ball jointed dolls and gloomy bear. I have an addiction to cutesy Pokemon ._.;;. I live in the US for now but will be moving soon, i love bunnies and also have a bunny who runs a muck in my room named Takuto. I'm an artist graduated from college for painting and love to craft <3!

Feel free to add me to friends as i don't really know anyone here! ^_^ And thanks for reading that long boring intro post @ 3@; (was hard for me to wright this out OTL)

My wants~

iv been collecting budew really seriously lately and yet a year later this plush seems to haunt me again! I love it so much and i hope someone would be willing to sell him. Also my here is the rest of my wants list click, I found one on Noppin  yesterday but i wasn't able to snag him. Just to let anyone know there's a it of a bug in Noppin  i thought i was winning the auction and it didn't say i was outbid but someone bid the same amount as me. I'm not sure how this happened but the other user ended up winning it and i thought i was the last bidder. I don't even know how its possible to bid the same amount at the same time? Just wanted to give a heads up on that cause it was really sad contacting Noppin thinking i won and that there was just a big mistake that i was outbid only after the auction ended ._.;.

Thanks for reading all of this! really feel a bit awkward posting this. Thank you`!

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