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Cards, Plush, & Stamps Weeding Sales

@___@  It has come to my attention that I have too many cards..and plush.  This is only a tiny bit of what I have prepared to sell later.  Whenever I have time (fuuahwfiuwheTIME), I'll get around to organizing the pictures of them. 

Includes stamps I accidentally bought duplicates of, plush that need a new home, and shiney cards prime/rev.holos/japanese/and all that jazz.  Lots of cheap rares and reverse holos btw.  Like $.50 and $1 cheap.  And some new BC cards starting at $0.10.

I'm going to bed in 20min. btw.  I mean it is almost 4am where I live, and sleep is beautiful thing that I don't get too often.  Don't hate me ;A;  If you have questions feel free to ask!

B L A C K • C I T Y ° s a l e s »›
// Sales permission received from allinia
// Link to ‹feedback


/ Currently ship to anywhere in the world.
  - // I ship from the USA.
/ I mostly ship once a week, on Saturday.  This is due to the fact that my fulltime job does not have stable hours during week days.  If I get off of work early (extremely rare), then items can be shipped during the week day.
  - // If something pops up and I can not ship it on Saturday, I will do it early Monday morning.  You will be notified if this happens.  I have a life.  Stuff happens.
  - // If you are worried about an item being lost, please purchase insurance for postage.  Otherwise, once it leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it.
/ Prices do not include shipping costs and Paypal fees!  I will reply to you with this combined total, if you are wanting to make a purchase.
/ When interested in purchasing, please put your zip code, so that I can give you a proper shipping quote!

° not following these will result in banishment from my sales!
/ Please send payment PAYPAL only.  Idk e-checks & money orders.
/ When sending PayPal payment, DO NOT mark as "gift"
/ I do not do trades, unless noted next to an item.
/ Please do not PM me to purchase items.  Comment here to purchase.
 - // I will only sell to members of the Pkmncollectors LJ Community.
   - /// I will not sell to banned members!
 - // I have the right not to sell to anyone who is not a member, has negative feedback, and/or disrespectful/rude/bitchy/etc.
/ No Haggling! I'm terrible at it. x_x;
/ I can do holds for up to two days/48 hours.
/ Prices do not include shipping costs and Paypal fees!  I will reply to you with this combined total, if you are wanting to make a purchase.
/ Please pay within 2 days/48 hours.  I have one hell of a work schedule, so I understand if you can not respond to pay in a day.
/ When interested in purchasing, please put your zip code, so that I can give you a proper shipping quote!
/ When sending the payment, please put your username in the memo.
/ Please leave feedback around the time you get your items!  I will leave some for you as well.  If I forget, just message to remind me. c:

Alight lets get the best items out of the way first.  PLUSH!  Oh and btw, ctrl+f or cmd+f is your bff~!

Arceus American Minky $20
Hydreigon MPC $15 I think this is the "best of" collection version.  Idk judge for yourself with the below close-up.  It does not have it's keychain..since I removed it for my Sewaddle MPC (SINCE IT BROKE FFUU)  SOLD
Snivy Small Banpresto plush $5

Ok now on to STAMPS!

Ekans Chibi Stamp $4  SOLD
Scyther Chibi Stamp $2

Poliwag Chibi Stamp $3
Gyarados chibi Stamp $5
Raichu Roller Stamp $6

And now CARDS!
******All cards are in mint condition, unless otherwise stated.*******

TCG Online Code Cards - All are $0.25 EXCEPT for the Darkrai Tin one, which is $1

Reverse Holo Camerupt $1
Camerupt (x2 available) $0.75 Each
Watchog $0.25
Patrat  (x2 available) $0.10 Each
Voltorb $0.10
Electrode $0.25
Tailow $0.10
Reverse Holo Audino $2

Reverse Holo Sawk $1
Reverse Holo Slaking $1
Reverse Holo Excadrill $1
Reshiram EX Next Destinies (NOT the tin promo) $5
Virizion Full Art $7

Stoutland $0.50
Scolipede $0.50
Darmanitan $0.50
Zebstrika $0.50
Japanese Team Rocket's Gym Challenge Snorlax $0.50
Japanese Amparous $1
Japanese Dragon Selection Druddigon $4
Japanese Dragon Selection Latios $4

Japanese Rare Candy $0.50
Reverse Holo Tympole $1
Crobat Prime $2
Hooligans jim & Cas $0.50
Unfezant $0.50
Ferrothorn $0.50
Alomomola $0.50
Japanese Dragon Selection Dragonite $4

Excadrill Holo $1
Reverse Holo Giant Cape $1
Reverse Holo Vanillish $1
Simipour $0.50
Jirachi Holo $1
Pinser $0.50
Victini $0.75
Umbreon non holo deck version $0.75

Reverse Holo Mandibuzz $1
Politoed from G/S Discovery $0.50 he has a few scratches; ask if you want more pictures of it
Wobbuffet Holo from HeartGold/Soul Silver $1
Manphy Holo from Unleashed $1
Steelix Prime $3
Machamp Prime $2
Absol Prime $3

Brozong $0.75
Eelektross Holo $1
Reverse Holo Eelektross $2
Reverse Holo Catcher (yep) $20
Japanese Feraligatr $1
Musharna $0.75
Gliscor Holo $1
Vanilluxe Holo $1

Reverse Holo Twist Mountain $1
Reverse Holo Blaziken $2
Reverse Holo Azumarill $1
Reverse Holo Vaporeon $1
Reverse Holo Ducklett $1
Zorua Promo Holo $1 has minor scratches; ask for more pictures if you want to see
Houndoom Prime $2
Ursaring Prime $2

Reverse Holo Larvesta $1
Reverse Holo Bulbasaur $1
Reverse Holo Vanillite $1
Reverse Holo Lillipup $1

Ignore the stacks in the background.  Those will be for sale later..along with 483926732 other cards x___x;
Reverse Holo Eelektross $2
Eelektross Holo $1 SOLD

You can also combine items from my permanent sales post below.  Sorry this one isn't as Photoshop savy, but I just don't have the time to do that >__<"

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