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Multipurpose Post

Hey all~ I come today with a couple of things. First off, I just want to show off some of the badges me and my friend have made that we have up for sale.


Lots more Pokemon badges (both Pokemon and humans!); look under the cut to see them all. It's $5 (£3) for a pack of 4, or $13 (£8) for the giant set above.

Click on a badge pack's image to go to it's page, where you can purchase it.

I received sales permission 01/01/2011 from denkimouse 


Also on the site we have a Pokemon Pikachu greeting card for $5-
(Click on the image to go to the site)

I was browsing Pokevault earlier when I stumbled across these:


Clearfiles; each focusing on a different type. I've had a browse around the net but I can't find any information about them. I'm wondering if anyone owns the Water or Poison versions (if they exist?), because I really want to know if either contain Slowking or Croagunk. I've had a look on both the front and backs of the Psychic and Fighting ones and the two aren't on either. D:

Next, just a quick question to anyone living around Tokyo. I'll be visiting in a few months and as I'm an avid animation production art collector, I'll be hunting through as many art/cel dealers as I can find. Apart from the obvious Mandarake shop, does anyone know any good places to search (though none that require knowledge of Japanese >>' this is the main point that's holding me back)?
Keeping my hopes up of one day finding a Movie 2 Slowking cel~

Finally, I'm still on the hunt for these:

If you happen to have one you're willing to sell, I'd be more than happy to pay up for them. ^^
If you have any other Slowking items for sale as well, feel free to show me.

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