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Shipping Update and New Collection/Gets :)

Hey everyone. First off, I wanted to give a general shipping update for everyone who ordered from samisales. I would send individual PMs but I have a PM limit due to not having a paid account. While I've shipped about 30-40 packages already, I'm pretty behind right now. I live in New York and Hurricane Sandy was a mess. My own family was super lucky and we didn't get too much damage but it still meant I couldn't do ANY shipping that whole week (post offices were closed, there was no power, etc.). That means all shipments are basically a week behind. Please be patient, I'm shipping as fast as I can now that things are going back to normal, but a snow storm last week complicated things even more. All U.S. orders are being shipped with tracking info so that should help you guys figure out when stuff should arrive :). International orders don't have tracking but I've been marking them as shipped so you know when they're on the way ^^. Sorry for the delays, things will be back to normal soon! And once I finish shipping everything I have a sales update planned...expect tons of MPC plush!

On a more positive note, I wanted to share my newest collection (started over the summer), Keldeo! I also have a new Eevee get (who doesn't? haha).

I fell in love with Keldeo several months ago and started a small collection. I'm being picky about what I buy but already the collection is bigger than anticipated--as you may be able to tell from the fact that it's squished in the corner :p.

I forgot to put the dot sprite charms in the picture, oops. Anyway, you can see the Pokedex charms and various figures :). I really, really love the Tomy and zukan figures for Keldeo. The clear ones are awesome! I didn't like the DX Tomy figures when they first came out...I don't know why. But they grew on me a lot and I realized how nice they are.

I don't really like the Keldeo kid figures so that's why they're not here. I think I'll pick up the attack kid, though :).

Keldeo has a lot of nice plush but my favorites are definitely the Pokedolls :). It was tough for me to decide whether I wanted the Pokemon Center or Tomy plush but I decided on Tomy.

The collection will be packed up soon for a move and hopefully the ponies will have more space in their new home :).

I also have a new Eevee get! I don't actively collect Eevee and have done a lot of collection weeding in the past but it still remains as one of my favorite Pokemon. I decided to get one of the new HQ plush on Noppin--I figured I'd see if I liked it and if not, I'd just sell it. Well, I fell in love! It's such a soft and cuddly plush, I definitely recommend it :). Seriously, if you've been trying to decide, just go for it before the price rises!

I sold most of my Eevee plush a while ago but here are the other two that HQ Eevee will be joining:

Now I have to decide if I want the new Tomy Eevee looks nice. Hmm.

Thanks for reading, next I'll be doing a Tirtouga/Carracosta update :). My main collections don't really have anything new, ha.

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