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Update, Boundaries Crossed, and other sales

I am super happy to have added more Woops and Quags to my collection!  Thanks SO MUCH to lady_lara for the Laying Wooper - he's adorable!  I have a laying Quagsire coming in the mail soon too, super excited~  Many thanks to akeyma for the link!

My lovely fiancee storms_in_orbit just made me this, too!  Ahhhh it's so cuuuute!!

Sales permission received by allinia on 10/27/12

Holos and Rares
Prices include shipping within the US, may increase for international shipping and doesn't include Paypal fees:
Bianca full art - $25 
Darkrai Ex - $20 
Thundurus full art - $5 

Shipping not included:
Fan Rotom - $3 
Dratini - $1 
Dragonair - $1 
Salamence - $1.50
Axew - $1
Fraxure - $1
Haxorus - $1.50
Druddigon - $1

Commons are 0.25 each
Uncommons are 0.50 each




Only cards in the Boundaries Crossed set I'm looking for are the Flygon promo and the Celebi Ex full art.  If you have them maybe I can buy them from you? : D

Also, I'm opening up my Sales to international orders : )  I'm still taking offers on Talking Lugia, Combat Articuno, and a couple others but I might close them soon if there isn't any more interest.  
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