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back again...with a GB

*****EDIT! I MISCALCULATED THE TOTAL PER ITEM!!! Fixing that right now!*****

Hey, guys. Sorry it's been so long, but due to some problems, I haven't been able to be around here. Any unfinished business that I left here is currently being fixed up, and I am ready to get back into collecting. :)

To celebrate this and a decent first paycheck, I have decided to host a group buy for some really nice zukan.

***Edit: Derp! I will be claiming the Fossil set!

GROUP BUY 11_11_12
Info beneath the cut.

***Sales permission granted by dakajojo in March of 2011
-Shipping from Ohio, USA
-Be patient! Sometimes it takes a few days to ship groups of packages, and I only have time to pack and organize properly on weekends!

This GB will have two payments as usual, one from the seller to me for the items, and then a second payment for shipping from me to you!

Larger image for reference, just in case:
GROUP BUY 11_11_12

CLAIMS! (each set will cost $16.75 USD)

Fossil Pokemon- Me
Ash and May's Pokemon- white_chocobo
Team Rocket- myvampirelust19
Weaviles/Bonsly/Mime Jr.-
Lucario(looks like he's standing, correct me if im wrong)-
Daytime Mew-
Nighttime Mew- agkelikos

*****NOTE- We have 21 days to buy this set, so that's plenty of time! Get your claims in soon!*****
Tags: bonsly, group buy, lucario, mew, mime jr., regice, regirock, registeel, weavile, zukan
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