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Pokemon Card Collecting Discussion

  Like many Pokemon fans out here, I have owned quite a number of Pokemon cards. When I was younger, I never cared about what kind of condition they were in as long as I can kick some @ss with them ^^ But as I grew up, I learned to care for my things and learn to display them. Later in life, I have noticed that many people even go as far as grading their trophy card and hope for a high grade such as a 9 or a 10 while some people just skip the grading process because it is too much work which made me wonder: What do other people do with their own cards?
Personally I just put the holographic ones in penny sleeves and put them in old 9 pocket plastic pages but recently I dreamed of having that prized card that just stood out of the rest. And now.. my dream came true with a wonderful card that I have gotten~ I don't know what to do with it yet but it looks too good to take out of the sleeve T-T
What are the best things to get and do to protect these perfect cards? I have heard of screw on cases...

  Also, if you don't mind sharing ^^
  • What are your prize cards?
  • What is your absolute dream card? *mines the 1st edition base set Charizard ^-^
  • What do you do with them?
  • And anything else you can share!
 Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing your collections~
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