shastina4ever (shastina4ever) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Charizard Card question????

hello guys <3 i come with a question <333 so lately me and my brothers friend have been arguing over facebook about this card he has.
He says its a 1996 first edition holo base set charizard (pretty sure he ment 1998 tho >.>) and keeps telling me its worth 2,000$ - 2,500$ (according to a Yahoo article) but when i look online i see them selling for like 30$ (lol) and i saw one in a card shop on November 2nd for 40$.
im pretty sure the 2,000$ one is the SHADOWLESS one, but i've never seen his card to look at it, and even if it is, the ones on ebay sell for about 300 - 400$.

so im pretty much asking: is yahoo wrong? the card might be worth that much but its not selling for anywhere near that price....
the nearest card shop for me to ask at is over 50 miles away so i figured i would ask on the community.

im not 100% sure if this post is allowed, it is about a card which is merch :/. if its not allowed i will happily take it down
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