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New Guy In Town!

Hi everyone!

I had a very important GYM BATTLE today! (Ok I didn't, I met up with my film production group... You got me...)

But when I came back this little guy was sat on my bed :O

Eeeeeeh! Look at his little face! :O

So here is the story of how I met my Glaceon!
As I said, today I went to my film meeting gym battle.
My friend, who had been staying with me a lot this term, (she lives 40 mins away in the next town, not in student accommodation...) stayed behind in my room. Because she didn't have to head up the really big hill for a bit longer to get to her lecture. (When I got back, he was sat on my bed. :3

This is the tushie tag.
2012-11-12 20.58.402012-11-12 20.58.49
please excuse my chipped nail polish...

I think he's likely to be a bootie, as both of us being students, I really doubt she'd have been able to afford a real one. But he's such a cutie! My favourite of the eeveelutions! Glaceon <3

So the moral of the story is; always let your friends sleep over! :D

*sorry if the cut isn't working. I copied the code exactly...
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