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It's only just begun! : An Introduction~~~ ^_^

Good day/evening everyone! I've finally finished my exams for the year and thought I'd celebrate by doing up my long overdue intro >.> So... here goes :D

I'm from Australia and, as of today, just made it through my first year of uni. Wow, how did that happen? XD Can't wait to make the most of my summer holidays now, free from study and with plenty of time to check pkmncollectors updates. ^^ Haha... of course I have plenty of other things on my to-do list to get through <3 

I first got into Pokemon (if I can remember correctly) sometime in 2005, back when the R/S games were still for sale in Australia. Hence, I was introduced to the Hoenn region with my first ever Pokemon game: Sapphire. I was a complete amateur in this new world and was constantly learning new things about battling, which I guess is why I scraped it through the Elite Four AND Champion with only my Lv100 Swellow (and a whole lot of revives & full restores!). *Sigh* Things have definitely changed since then. My swellow will always hold a special place in my heart, though, since he was what made my first pokemon journey possible, and now he's happily sitting in my White game (I plan to transfer him to White 2 once I finish the game... another thing on my to-do list!).

And then, in early October this year, I discovered pkmncollectors for the first time. And once again, I have Swellow to thank. Huh? Well, I was bored one day and wanted to google "Swellow merchandise" images, saw one of Happyjolteon's old sales posts and.... ehehe, the rest is history (I did more googling) :3 So after making up my first LJ account, I became a pkmncollector comm member! ^o^

Aaand... this is my collection so far:

My first collection

Pretty measly, I know >_< But not to worry! I have a few things a-coming in the mail~~ (pls, don't mind me, I'm just in the kind of mood one gets after finishing a final exam... happyhappyhappy :3) Over here, I don't get much access to Pokemon merch like you guys do in the US or Japan (^^ you're so lucky!) because.... a) It's Australia. Basically, pkmn games & cards are all you'll find here! and b) My parents don't particularly like Pokemon... they go "eeek! Such monsters!". Lol, that's what they are, isn't it?

But Pokemon to me means a lot more. It's one of the longest-standing hobbies I've had - just when I think I might be getting tired of it, out comes the latest game or movie. I just love how there are so many creatures you can train and battle with, some super cute and others unbelievably tough. I don't think I'll ever grow out of Pokemon~ it's just something I truly enjoy! Does anyone have the same thoughts? I'd be interested to hear your opinions ^_^

Anyways, here are some close-ups of my current *collection* :)

That was the first pikachu soft toy I ever got, which was quite an achievement for me considering that mum was quite reluctant to buy it :P Also a few bits and pieces from vending machines and a Jakks pikachu. The orange pika is definitely unofficial but it squeaks loudly when you squeeze it XD

My first real gets from pkmncollectors! I love the Turtwig pull-back car to bits and Celebi looks adorable as always~

Now here's what motivated me to buy in the first place - the Kaiyodo Swellow Bottlecap figure! The moment I laid eyes on it I knew it was something I had to get! Amazingly, I found one for sale in Mamath's journal (the same place I got the Turtwig and Celebi). She also had a secondhand Taillow TFG that I thought would complete this collection nicely :3

Time for the dragons! I do like dragon-types, especially Latias and Latios since they're part of my favourite team in the games <3 It seems I didn't care much for the base or pegs >.< and I only learnt that they were zukans after being a comm member for a month! I also got a secondhand Salamence TFG, which I like to admire on my study desk~

These are my old buddies :) I had the Vulpix Tomy even before I had the pikachu plush, and I sure am glad I didn't lose her <3 And meet my Jakks Grovyle! I thought he was super cool in the Hoenn anime series and ended up buying a figure of him, when they used to sell pokemon figures here...


And to finish things up, how about some stickers? Lol... They're made of quite sturdy plastic and I like the Azelf ones in particular. But usually I keep these safe in the pokeball capsule they came in. It goes to show how tiny my collection is, the fact that I brought out the stickers XD Well, I can only go up from here I guess!

As I've said many times before, I'm having a great time being a part of this wonderful community (I keep asking myself, 'What took me so long to find this place?', lol). Thanks to you guys, I'm now a bit more knowledgeable about all things pokemon and have unprecedented access to Japanese merch thanks to Gin. A couple years ago, I wouldn't have dreamt of such a thing! I look forward to contributing more to pkmncollectors and making friends with people who share my passion for Pokemon (and I'll do my best not to break any rules <3 Just give me a nudge in the right direction~).

A big dream of mine right now is to go to Japan and visit an actual Pokemon Center. Oh boy, wouldn't that be fun? *sparkling eyes* Thank you all very much for reading this gigantic post! I'm glad I could finally get that out of my system XD

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