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It's been a while since i've really had time on this community. Been so busy with school work.
Anywho, I found something I need help figuring out what they do.
They're called pokemon jammers.They look like circular figurines of popular pokemon like pikachu/ meowth.
Here's some pictures of some of themto better describe what they look like:

They do look really cool, Grabby hands for Tangela!
Anyone know what these things are? What they do? And did most to all 151 pokemon get one?

My guess is that these are made by hasbro and are either squish/ stressballs  or a jam jar. Also it says they're electronic, I don't know if this means that they can talk or what. I'm thinking about getting one of these but want to have a better idea of what it is.

Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, gengar, geodude, lickitung, meowth, pikachu, psyduck, squirtle, tangela, togepi
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