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Weeeeedssss and Eevee package!

Back with some more weeding after my HUGE Eevee package arrived! I also decided I didn't want to keep the Tomys since even though they're well made and their patterns look fantastic, they're more display plush than cuddle plush in my eyes. So I have a full set minus Jolteon under the cut :)

Also props to whoever can guess what my cut text is from XD

Basic rules
Shipped prices are only for domestic (within the US) only
I only use recycled packaging material
Ask about item conditions if youre concerned!
sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2011

Maggyo 32 card sleeves 12$
Chopstick holder 20$
Retsuden 6$
MPC 15$
Dot sprite charm 10$
Stickers 1$ for both
mini stamp 2$
caffwin Maggyo sculpture 40$
MIP phone strap 12$
Gold maggyo keychain 5$
AEON badge 6$
kid 5$
Movie troll!Maggyo strap 8$
red gashapon phone strap 3$

hand towel 13$

Floormat not for sale!

White Kyurem 50$ shipped
Magikarp strap w/ magikarp bookmark 18$
Maggyo kid sticker 1$
Cheren dot sprite phone strap 18$

Cynthia 26$ shipped
Zebstrika 15$ shipped

will be shipped in a hard poster tube!

Maggyo mask 10$
Nobunaga handkerchief 20$ shipped
Nobunaga cushion 25$ shipped
Pikachu halloween display 5$
2007 (?) Halloween MIP sticker sheet (glows in the dark!!) 15$
Gym leaders bookmarks 2$ each

Female pikachu plush rare! 2009 25$ shipped
Meowth lottery w/ pikachu pokedoll 25$ shipped
Maggyo sleeves 32 12$
Cynthia sleeves 64 25$
Team plasma sleeves 20$
Elektrik AEON badge 5$
Sticker books 5$ each
Cubchoo MPC 5$

MIB pokedoll figures
pikachu 15$ shipped psyduck 15$ shipped meowth 18$ shipped
Dragonite messenger kid X2 5$ each
Manectric, Elektrike 4$ each
Clear wailmer 3$
Blue mini model omanyte in fossil 5$
Pika/Victini keychain 3$
Zoroark/Zorua phone cleaner (?) strap 1$
Pansage dot sprite tin 3$
McDonalds Pika 1$
Keshipoke ball 1$
Darumakka, Lillipup stamp 1$ each
Pokemon US card lot (all holos) 20$ shipped OBO

Shelgon lot 20$ shipped OBO (includes dex/footprint figure, megablok, battrio, kids)
Chikorita bandana/postcard set 5$
Halloween candles 20$ shipped
Wailord set 12$
Manectric set 11$
Bisharp set 12$
Zebstrika set 12$
Salamence line 15$
Ditto 7$

Suicide chu lot 55$ shipped

Pika date counter 20$ shipped
Water type hot plate pokemon cooking club 30$ shipped
water type cooking club sticker 5$
Japanese RSE quiz book 5$
Christmas foam ornaments 3$ each

Jakks rotom 10$
Cut rotom kid 3$
Halloween Rotom charm 20$
Silver frost rotom chou 5$
Card binder (4 cards per sleeve) 10$

Bisharp dot sprite charm 10$
AEON bisharp badge 6$
Bisharp charm set 12$
card sleeves 6$
Ensky magnet 3$
mini stamp 2$
WHF exclusive bisharp MPC 20$
regular bisharp MPC 13$
American pokedoll MWT 15$
half deck box 10$
custom bisharp art card drawn by me, free with Bisharp purchase!

Zebstrika MPC MWT (not pictured) 20$ shipped
Zebstrika banpresto MWT 18$
Blitzle happy MPC MWT 16$
Blitzle regular MPC MWT 13$
Blitzle banpresto MWT X2 15$

mini zebstrika stamp 2$
zebstrika retsuden 5$
zbestrika dot sprite charm 10$
zebstrika playing card 2$
AEON zebstrika badge 6$
pokedex 3d zebstrika card 1$
pink ensky zeb magnet 4$
green ensky zeb magnet 4$
Zebstrika charm set 12$

blitzle retsuden 5$
blitzle dot sprite charm 10$
AEON blitzle badge 6$
blitzle ensky magnet 4$
xmas foam ornament 4$
figure stamp blitzle X2 5$ each
Usakochan blitzle tail charm custom 5$
bolt badge 4$
tissue pack 3$
bandaid 1$
sticker set 1$
electric pokemon card sleeves set 2$
blitzle cupcake foil 3$

Clearfiles 6$ each EXCEPT:
sold: dot sprite, lati@s, shiny charizard
used blue pikachu world clearfile 4$
Nobunaga Oichi clearfile FOLDER 15$ (more photos below)
4Ever/Heroes double feature 5$

Sugimori clearfile holder 6$
Gengar pokemon time bookmark 3$ (or trade for Growlithe fullbody bookmark!!)
Charizard poketime strap (lightly used) 8$

Litwick LED lamp 80$ shipped
Kawaii Nuigurumi Venusaur two small loose threads on eye tush tag only 45$ shipped
Electric pokemon bandana12$

Pot holder 25$
Coaster set 25$
Magnet set 20$
Charm set 20$

(sorry its sideways)
31$ shipped each

a few of the tags have light creases

They're not really that noticeable (Glaceon's is the worst but you still can't see it very well unless in certain light) but buy at your own risk if itll bother you.

and I also got my Eevee package yesterday so click this cut for some photos :)

Baby Girl! Do you smell Japanese monsters inside?


Plush assembly! The Tomys are bigger than the PC plush!

Feets on the Tomy plush! Not all of them have 4 pawpads! some have 4, 2, or none!

Same for PC plush!

Backside of Jolteon placemat. The coaster has a different backside too and they both have "tush tags" :)

Cushion! So INSANELY soft and comfortable! Unfortunately when I first took it out it smelled AWFUL. I assume factory smell but it was faintly reminiscent of fish. It fades fairly quickly and after a day it mostly smells new with a faint factory whisp.

Mine had this super weird factory error XD the white fur is actually sewn down into the brown area so I can't just pull it out. Strange!

Sleepy vee is a paper tag

the voice box is removable! needs 3 AAAs

This tag is made of plastic! super nice, bendy, and adorable!

back of tush tag on cushion, placemat, and coaster!

I highly recommend all the products from this promotion, they did a really great job this time! I think my favourite would have to be the blanket, which I heard is already sold out at some places!

Tags: eevee, sales
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