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icarus | cial

plush sales~

heyyy collectors :v

holidays are coming so i'm selling off some of my older plushes.


all the plush are slightly-to-heavily cuddled. no rips or stains, but no hang strings or paper tags either.
everyone still has their little butt tag though.

poochyena - 60$ (fangs are a bit battered, but otherwise in good condition.) sold
clefairy - 30$ (mega old official TOMY clefairy. priced this way cause she's sorta sentimental.)
tiny glameow - 8$
torterra - 70$ (takara TOMY plush, in really nice condition, just missing the tag is all.)
oddish - 8$ (burgar king oddish, i think? no idea what he's really worth)
stunky - 20$ (my last spare stunky :< the mighty army is gone, only one will remain)
lying glameow - 20$ (or willing to trade for a glameow pokedoll) traded

i've also been contemplating shutting down the mewtwo museum and selling off my collection. however, i'm really not sure how to go about it. if other mewtwo collectors have specific items they've been eyeing in my collection, though, now would be a stellar time to speak up so we can start talkin' bout that :v

-sales permish grandfathered in from 2007
-payment through paypal is majorly preferable (cial@deathsticks.org)
-shipping will be 8$ within the US and 10$ internationally. this includes tracking.
-more photos available on request, just let me know the plush and what angles/details you want.
-sales are first come first serve!

almost all have been shedded on by a cat (she found the box they were in an excellent napping place) but i'll do my best to clean off excess fur before they leave the house. just be aware if you have severe allergies or somethin'.

feel free to ask questions or whatever. :v
Tags: clefairy, glameow, oddish, plush, poochyena, sales, stunky, torterra
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