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Collection post: Shaymins! Victinis! Manaphys!

Hi all! I've been around for a while, but never posted pictures of my collection. I recently put up some new shelves and actually arranged my collection, so I figured this was a good time to share. Here's an overview, I'll comment on individual pictures under the cut:

Overview of collection

And here is where the cut starts.

Shelves of plush, mostly Shaymins
My prized possessions --- actually some of my most prized possessions, not even just prized collection stuff --- are up there on that top shelf. That's Daisuke Club landmin and skymin, with a 1:1 Victini kicking around just because. I was very excited to get all of those and remain excited about them. My favorite here is still the Waku Waku Get Landmin, that's the one with the :D face on the middle shelf. There are three Banpresto DX landmin but they're all slightly different? I think one might be movie and the other one is... uh... I dunno. I'm not knowledgeable, just enthusiastic. Also, the Oshawott doesn't quite belong, but can you find the other minor misfit?

These are just track shelving mounted into the wall, although my next project is going to be running LED tape along them in order to light the collection, and when that's done I might glass or plastic off the top shelf so that the plush up there are better protected.

Corner of the room with framed art
I had been saving all of the little doodles people sent me forever --- a couple of them got damaged or I couldn't get them off of the bubble mailers, but I was able to save most of them and collage them like so. I haven't decided on how to display the ACEOs permanently yet, but they worked in the corner of the collage that was empty, so I put them there temporarily. You can also see the vinyl Shaymin figure here really well; the tiny Victini figure collection and my two City Championship trophies got cut off, but what can you do.

Top shelf with Jirachis and other random plush

Here's the rest of the top shelf, with my small Jirachi collection, my three Eevees (two of which I think I have had since the 1990s --- I used to wear that keychain Eevee on a belt loop when I was, like, 16 or something. Eeep), and some other assorted things. The Corphish was a door prize at an event on Saturday --- I haven't decided if I'm keeping him or not, so for now he's photobombing the shelf. Both of the Shaymins here don't have their flower; one is actually another community member's OC named Asbestos, and I haven't figured out what to do with the flowerless Landmin yet. I still want to make her flowers. :)

Manaphys and Skymins
Here's my small Manaphy collection --- I don't even have all of the Zukans, but I mostly just pick stuff up as I see it, including a couple of Phiones who just pretend to be Manaphy. Did you know there were two Manaphy megabloks? Neither did I! There are, though. That's a lot of Landmins, too! I hadn't realized until I rearranged everything how... same-y big clusters of Shaymins look? Manaphy figures are better at having dynamic poses that look different on a shelf, I think. But I don't care I love my Shaymins. <3

Landmins and random stuff
Here's a bunch of landmin stuf, including some random items. Of course there is Landmin cutlery; that makes... perfect... sense? We'll roll with it. You can also see my little collection of "Pokemon I only have one or two of" which I have no idea what to do with yet. Suggestions?

Pokedolls and canvas plush
This shelf was originally supposed to be Pokedolls, but I decided it looked better this way, so I did it this way. The latch beneath the Cyndaquils opens up a shelf with all of my flats and charms which I haven't figured out what to do with; I have mutliple charms of all of my main collections, and a few genga and TCG and such. I am tempted to put a lot of tiny hooks onto the bottom of the top wooden shelf and hang the charms from those? Do you think that would look good?

I should have a bunch of duplicate Shaymins and a few other things up for sale after Thanksgiving. :D Thanks for taking a look!
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So much Green!!

I know the other oddball from your plush shelves! The DX 2009 Cyndaquil! it's behind the Celebi ;)
That's it! :D It's a lot more visible in the zoomed-out picture, I hadan't noticed that. So sparkly.
That's such a great collection! I love all the cuteness! XD
Thank you! :D I have been told that I collect "movie cuties" which I guess is true?


7 years ago

Wow impressive how all them plush fit in the first photo!
It was a bit dicey to get them up without any falling, but they've been there for a few days now and I think they're stable. :)
hi! congrats on your collection :) i might be blind but, there the shaymin zukan?
Thank you! :D A couple of zukan are up on the fireplace with the catgirl statues because I am worried about them falling. The Shaymin Zukan (and Celebi, and Victini) is up there.
Oh my, lovely lovely flower hedgehogs you have there! <3 <3 must feel nice to be surrounded by them :)
Thank you! :D It does. It pretty much always cheers me up to go spend time with my Shaymins, as dorky as that is.
Shaymin~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3

Just had to say that :'D
Shaymin, indeed. :D


7 years ago

Deleted comment

Yeah I guess there is a color skew there. :) Thanks!
Giratina will eat you !

It's a wonder how few things with Giratina on them I have given the Shaymin collection, actually. Probably there would be more if I had more packaging.
You are so lucky to have both Daisuki Club Shaymins! :o <3 I like the Waku Waku Get Landmin as well. XD Is it a UFO plush or a lottery plush?
Your collection overall looks great!^w^
I believe it was a lottery or a 7-11 promo but I am not actually sure! ^^;;
Your collection is amazing. It's like a Shaymin paradise <3
Thank you! :D