lugidog (lugidog) wrote in pkmncollectors,


I was taking a browse on eBay for Snubbull stuff and came across these charms.

I assume the metal one is a legitimate charm as I've seen other ones in the past, but does anyone know exactly what they are?

As for the other one, it's in the same pose as the Tomy figure, but seems to be smaller. I have an Eevee charm that is similar to this, but I have no Tomy figure to compare it to for poses. The Eevee charm is very small, and considering this is supposed to be a charm as well, I assume this is just a scaled-down version of the same pose. I'm curious as to whether this is an official charm, or if someone took a Tomy and drilled in a link to the head. Does anyone have any info on these charms?

Also, to anyone participating in the PlushParty GA, I have all payments and will be requesting the shipping be started tomorrow, so it'll arrive mid next week. I'll have photos and totals by next Friday at the latest, assuming the mail service isn't slow/delayed.
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