pegasus2010 (pegasus2010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Payment #2 for retsuden stamp group auction

They are in! I have updated the spreadsheet with everyone's zipcode. Let me know if it is right. I have had case that people had different shipping address from the one for their first payment. So please confirm by commenting in this post that the zipcode of your last payment is the shipping zipcode. Otherwise, please let me know.


The payment #2 for shipping is an even $2.50 to the address below:

o_0digitizdx_x, I will combine garchomp with your purchase of my fcs figures. So you do not need to pay the final shipping to me.

I took quick pictures of all stamps standing on my laptop. I wish its surface color would have been white for a better final effect of the photo shot.
2012-11-21 15.21.22 (768x1024)2012-11-21 15.21.40 (768x1024)
Tags: group buy
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