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*november collection update* and sightings in store!!

I just got 2 huge boxes in the mail all filled with eeveelution goodies!!! XD they are so cute I can't get enough ^^ I took a whole bunch of photos & closeups so hopefully you guys will like the pictures!

First up are the PokeCen plushies, they are super cute but I think they might be a little too skinny D:

They really went all out with these plushies..even the tags are beautiful!!

The Eevee sleeping pillow is easily my favourite item of this whole promo!!! She now sleeps with my PokeCen drooling Oshawott & sleepy Tepig ^^

It's weird but I find I didn't like the blanket as much as I thought I would...so I'm going to keep it MISP and not use it :(

These mini Pokedolls are so cute!!!! I love them even more than the regular sized ones! ^^ I wish they were all facing the front instead of the side, they are so hard to display X_X

Sadly I ran out of money to afford the whole Tomy set :( I need a miracle to happen to come into some extra cash haha! so I only bought my 2 favs from the set:

Lastly here are some random things I saw when I was at Walmart the other day. I've never seen so much Pokemon merchandise ever!! and I've been coming here for years...so strange! O_O

This little pin is so cute!! ^^

It is from this set, the artwork is adorable!

That's it guys! Hope you enjoyed the pics! :D

Tags: collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, pikachu, plush, pokecen, pokedolls, umbreon, vaporeon
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