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Am I a Pokemon Master Now?

A small collection update! 

So I got this in the mail today! 

They're actually super shiny!  But the only camera I have is my phone so without the flash they came out looking kind of dull. 

In person these are absolutely stunning!  The photos don't quite do them justice, but they still come out looking rather neat! 
Number 998...not bad! 
I absolutely adore these!  They're super professional-looking and all-around great.  I highly recommend these and I'm totally in love with them!! I a Pokemon master now?! XD 
Also, a quick (temporary?) want: 
I was taking pics of my main collection to share the other day, and wouldn't you know it--I misplaced my Dot Sprite N Pin Badge.  If anyone has one for sale or trade please let me know! 
I'll get to looking for mine soon (but I thought I'd ask for another just in case), and in a few days I'll post my entire collection in one fell swoop. 
Thanks for looking!
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