slowwwgirl (slowwwgirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

slow collection update : D

since joining pkmncollectors Ive managed to find lots of new slow stuff : D
theres quite a few images ^__^
also im looking for the lying down slowpoke metal figures, if anyone has any there willing to sell please throw them my way thankyouu ^___^

DSCF3185 my freind drew me this for my birthdayy <33

DSCF3174chibi stamps, these are so cute ^__^ the ink doesn't work anymore tho xP

DSCF3175 kids! I love the clear slowbro <3 I have no idea how many slowline kids there are ?? xD

DSCF3172 slowpoke magnet,bottle caps and hasbro coins, the adorable bottle caps and magnet I got from caffwin ^__^ and the coins i found on ebay : D

DSCF3178I got this from caffwin and I can't describe how much I love this<33 its so cute and I love slowpokes confused little face <333333

DSCF3167slow zukan, so happy to have this <3 I won it in an auction on here a few months back, been searching so long so can't believe my luck on finding one : DD

DSCF3179 slowkinggg <3 I have no idea what this is but I got him off pokevault no long ago, anyone know anything about him ? : D

DSCF3181 lil slow figure and squirter <3

DSCF3184cute lil plush from caffwin ^^

DSCF3183chibi slow has a new home in this playset :P

DSCF3189stickerss : D

DSCF3166 all together : D i'll need to find a new way to present it tho : D

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