Josh ~ 水ポケモン (joshpho) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Josh ~ 水ポケモン

"POKEMON FAN" Question!

Hi everyone! Today I have a have some questions regarding the POKEMON FAN Japanese Magazine. If you own any of these issues and would be willing to flip through them, I'd appreciate it! 

Does Issue 24 contain summaries/screens/previews for Jostling for the Junior Cup ? I think its date lines up with the episode correctly and it was a pretty major arc, but I just wanted to make sure. Here's its cover:

And also, does Issue 19 contain any features of Alder or the Subway Bros? It has them on the cover but I'm not really sure what that indicates.

Also, does anyone have this Stunfisk/Pansage Pan Sticker?
Tags: pansage, stunfisk
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