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First gets in a long time

My first gets update since foreverrss~ excited yush~ its surprising i keep running into whismur stuff lovin it *___*!!!

Anyway dont know most of you know me but i collect whismur, wailord, budew, numel got some sides on mareep jolteon skiploom ugh lately the more i get into pokemon the more favs i have its horrible ;_;~ Does anyone have any ideas on how to limit your collection XD;;;.......i am failing at it! Oh well <3!
Yayeh this my collection so far randomly stuffed into the bottom of my night stand~ parade of pokemon goodies~ I find it funny they try to fight for space x.x~!!! my whismurs take up most of the space cause i love them so much and soon my budews will do the same since wailords merch is too pricey for me atm.
My fiance got me the pikachu pokedoll for our 4th anniversary ^__^ i thought it was really sweet i actually got a ton more goodies from him but yeah both the pika's are special to me because both where from him. The older pikachu he found for me last year i had to give him a new paint job on the white spots on his eyes @_@
Pika ridin that wailord <3

MY GETS! It's been forever since iv last gotten pokemon merch! like omg x.x 5 months im actually not too sure how long. The budew kid was actually the last pokemon merch i got and still charash because it was a gift.
The mareep and the two stickers are from meeka_meerkat love them so much <3! My first mareep as well and budew flat n_n~. The shiney whismur was painted by me i had a fun time doing it and plan on getting duplicates of many pokemon figures and doing a fun repaint madness on them~! I got the Vileplume friends plush vileplume stamp and jolteon stamp and a kawaii drawn jolteon freebie (forgot to take a pic of it ill show it in my next update i have it with extra flats that dont sit on my table ;o; ) from zaknal93 i have to say!! I THINK MY OTHER VILEPLUME WAS ABUSED! No joke!! Not the one from zalnal93 :3 i bought another one from a yahoo japan group buy auction.
The one from zaknal93 on the left all new and soft looking ^-^ and on the right the vileplume thats been swung around with by a kid or sat on or im not sure o.o he looks like a compleetly diffrent plush! Which is funny because he isnt i looked at the tags and they are the same so im not sure what happend to the guy on the right XD!!

Up close of my whismur painted kid i did and the whismur gets! who wants to play some wapps :o

All my whismur kids i think its now compleete ^__^!

Random look at my whismur collection still need so much more~ i got some whismur goodies pileing up on noppin cant wait to get them out of storage ^w^.
ZUKANS!! YESSS BUDEW ZUKAN! and bunnary zukan that came with the budew o.o! i do like bunnary i dont collect her but shes still a cutie!! DAT BUDEW SO SMALL AND CUTE!
LOOKET THAT FACE ITS SO HAPPY GAHHHHHH~!! Okie i need to stop looking at it ;_; its just too cute and small.......and i bet im going to lose him OTL.........need to put him in a glass jar so he doesnt accidently get eaten by a certain bunny who lives in my room.

Thankies for looking at my random gets post! i hope to post more gets soon ^_^!!!

Also still looking for a Budew Pokedoll most likely with a tag  and not dammaged i would love to get him for christmas if possiable! Or if you know somewhere that has him~ Thanks so much ^__^

Oh also anyone have Tomy Budew figure or budew merch i hardly have anything of him just almost all his plushies~! THANKS n________n

Also my wants list
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