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Super duper wonderful grail get!

Hello there guys again! <33
First thing, almost all packages were sent from the New Nasija GA, only 3 big ones more to go! I should be able to send them off either this Saturday or Monday, but I will keep you guys informed! :)

And now I am here to share something with you...I would call it a grail, because once I have seen in on YJ, it "became a grail immediately", something I truly want no matter the price. I had some bidwar, but in the end, I managed to get it! And yes, it's again a manta ray one, but something very special and dear to me.

I also want to share what I have gotten in the last week as well! <33

First thing:

Yes, I went on with the Eevee madness and got myself this HQ Eevee (but it was an order from larvitarscar anyways XD). It is just as most people tell. This guy is soft, fluffy and absolutely adorable! <333
And now I want to get the cushion as well, aaaaaa ;_____;

Anyways, to the main point of this post! Have to share this package I have just gotten today! <333

CHRISTMAS CHU!!! I am so glad I have decided to get him no matter what. I would have never thought that in such a short time, he would get rare. I have seen them now go for no less than 4000 yen on YJ, and I got him for almost the same price as Gin's pickups (sold out from her side sadly). The hood is absolutely wonderful, the white fuzz is super soft and Pikachu being minky as well takes the cake. This is the best Christmas chu plush I have ever seen and felt seriously! He will join us during Christmas <333
(Eevee had to help him stand up)

Other new gets! I wanted the Snivy TCG due to the gorgeous art! Oh my god, the art is just so wonderful! <3333
Also, new sleeves!!! I am so excited for both the cute Joltik ones and especially the Chandelure ones. It looks like a mosaic kind of window, and I love that kind of art a lot!!! One of the most beautiful card sleeves I have ever seen!! <3333
I will be selling off single sleeves of both the Joltik and Chandelure ones at a later date, when another certain package arrives to my home :)

And now to my most exciting get!

What could it be?

From the front. Now you see it's a Retsuden stamp! Mantine one? Not quite...

Wait, don't you have a Mantyke stamp already? This one NOT. Let's look at my other Retsuden stamp together with this one!

You can now see the difference!!! ;WWWWW; <33333
I cannot help but being more than exciting about it! I bid on it no matter what, because this might have been the first and the last time I would see this guy. Let's see how their stamps look like!

The new one is slightly smaller than the older one, but both of them are too cute for words!!! I LOVE them both!!! ;____; <33333
HOWEVER, this is not all guys!

The packaging came with the stamp as well! Soooooo...I have a new grail!!! MANTINE RETSUDEN STAMP!!!! How do I know it exists? Not only from this picture...

The little sheet was inside the packaging tooI have looked up Mantain in Japanese, and it's the exact same as in number 320! So this means that the Mantine Retsuden exists!!!! This makes me SO happy and I will search all through YJ/ebay/etc and any other site to find it!!! I will get you one day my new grail! <333

So that's about it from my side, thank you for looking! <33
Tags: chandelure, eevee, joltik, mantine, mantyke, pikachu, snivy
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