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Black Friday Weekend Sales (Last Chance for these items!)

Hi everyone! I am having one last sales post for all of the extra items that I have accumulated over the last year from my various pick-ups for the community. In honor of Black Friday, I have cut the prices tremendously on most items, so hopefully that'll entice some people. I really want to get some of these guys to new, loving homes because right now they are in a small brown box in my garage...whatever doesn't sell here by the end of Monday ("Cyber Monday") I will be donating to a children's charity (if anyone has any recommendations of who to donate to, it'd be appreciated). But before donating, I want to give you guys one last chance to snag any and all of these items at a good price. Regardless, by a week from now, I will have plenty of room for new pickups and the like, since I am getting new shelves tomorrow for my ever-growing miscellaneous collections. Anyways, now for my last sales of the year that are not reservation posts. My next post besides the reservation posts should be a collection update. I haven't done one since LAST summer! o_O Busy times. Now for the sales.


1. There is an order minimum of $25. All orders of that amount or more get FREE SHIPPING within the USA. Shipping for international customers is $1.50 per $25 of merchandise. So if you order $30 of merchandise, shipping is $3, $1.50 for the first $25, and another $1.50 for the remainder. Sorry for any inconvenience.

2. Please make sure your order is at least $25. It saves both of us a lot of time. :)

3. Here is the list of all the merchandise for sale:


Remember, once Tuesday morning hits, all of this stuff will be donated to a charity (once again, I am open to suggestions if anyone knows of a good charity that likes children's toys!). So this is your last chance. The prices are pretty good too, so take a look. Kids are $1 each, and nothing else is above $10.

Have a good shopping day/Friday!
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