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First Commissions Post: Black Friday SPECIAL!

Hey guys! I keep meaning to get everything organized and get a first sales post up, but ALAS. Things escape me. @_@ However, I really wanted to get a Black Friday special up for my commissions, so here I go. [For those outside the US - Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Every store has crazy sales and it's scary to go shopping. So. Scary.]

My special is a custom ACEO for only 2.50 shipped!! This is to help me get better marker-color practice and practice in shipping things out, as well as a good value for all you customers. :3 This applies to US only, I'm afraid I can't do international right now. :c

*I recieved Sales Permission on October 4th, 2012 from dewott.
*My community feedback can be located here.
*I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone, for any reason I deem fit.
*I have only shipped in the USA before, so if you want to buy International please be aware it might take some time on my half! For this special, I can only mail USA, sorry.
*I take Paypal and concealed money - however be aware that I will not ship out your order until the money arrives.
*I have a cat!!! While I keep my collection mainly separate, she does have access to parts of it, and she is longhair so her fur goes everywhere. If you have allergies, exercise caution! I am willing to go over my items with gentle sanitizer and a lint roller if you like, please let me know. <3
*Any and all custom work remains copyrighted to me. (Characters belong to their original creators, but the artwork itself remains mine.) You have permission to use the artwork for any and all personal use, but DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!


Uh, kind of a crappy example, but I had no access to my scanner aanndd this was my first one, so. xD Oh well. Hopefully I get at least one order...

Know that I am BEST at canines and felines, and creatures with similar skeletal structures (such as quadrupedal dragons, etc). I CANNOT do humanoids! If I truly feel I cannot draw a Pokemon, I will let you know when you ask. I also do Pokesonas, Pokemon OCs, and other characters upon request.

These are shipped in a standard US envelope by default. They will have cardboard support so they are not bent. Upon request they can be shipped in a toploader instead for an extra .50 cents. [only because I have like... 5 of them... sob]

So, uhm. As you can see I'm a little awkward about my first sales post, but hey, here goes! Order up! ~<3

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