phewmonster (phewmonster) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some wants <3

Hi guys! 

I have some wants, since i have got money <3 

SO, let's start! But first i want say that, if you own some of those pictures, tell me if you want me to remove it!

First, i'm searching this awesome DX raichu plush! 


Oshawott line zukan would be awesome in my oshawott line collection <3 GOT


Oshawott line charms   GOT


I'm interested only in Raichu charm, i don't need pichu or pikachu GOT


And last but not least, Empoleon DX plush! I know where i could get him, but there he is pretty expensive and there is missing some markings on his back :<

Thank you all for watching! And if you have something Oshawott or Raichu stuff for sale, tell me n__n I could be interested!
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