Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omega Tsuki

Sales~ and an odd request

Now that all orders from the Plush+Hat GA I ran with miniokami have been shipped out, all of my bubblemailers are freed up for a new batch of orders~

Since I'm still out about $500 from stocking the page and a few shipping invoices, I'm absolutely not open to any more trades for the moment. :'D But haggling's still totally fine if you'd like!

Lots of MPCs and kids in stock! Click here or the banner below to see what's available~

Then that aside...
;w; After getting to the Best Wishes anime incredibly late... I've fallen in love with the Sanyo trio.
I can't make myself buy any Cilan merchandise knowing his brothers have nothing, so it has to be their monkeys instead. That said, are there any crafty people here who have Pansage, Pansear, and/or Panpour pokedolls? I've just ordered a set of the three, and I'd absolutely love to find out if I could commission costumes for them.
I'm thinking the same bowties, vests, and aprons as their trainers. If the fabric stretches enough, or their paws can squish enough, the shirts with those adorable cuffs would be amazing, too.
As I wouldn't want little black and white fluffs sticking to the dolls, though, I'd have to request no fleece.

Does this sound doable? If anyone's up for it, I'd like to discuss a price and then work out how many of the little monkeys I can afford to dress up. >w<

:'D I-if that sounds totally stupid, though, I can possibly just go find the bowties at a craft store or something idek.
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