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Contest entry + gets

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Collection Site

Here is my contest entry :3 Decided to go with Halloween theme since I have all those pumpkins around...

Also got a huge box plus a few other things recently...

herar has been building up a package for me since July 8D Lets see some close ups..

The start of my Meloetta collection! Need piroutte kid still. These plush are so cute <3 Hoping to get their pokedolls one of these days!

Customs that herar made aside from the middle pin

Psyduck friends plush and kids <333

Stamp, magnet and kids :3

Lotad pin <3 And finally got the halloween croagunk and xmas scraggy *O* and painted munch charm is adorable X3

Lots of plush!

Adorable custom Lotad that Herar made :3!!!!!!!!! He's big and cuddly x3 SO happy I asked her to make hm for meee

New stickers!

Mandi things have been eluding me but I finally got to buy a lot of all the things! And Vullaby mpc is just the cutest thing X]
I think all that I'm missing of them are pan stickers, though I'm interested in any flats with unique art so if you know about anything do let me know :)

Croagunk pd figure is so cute, I hope one day I can own the plush! Also excited about the Scraggy things and it's nice to finally have bonsly zukan :3

And now finally my grail get! Ever since I started collecting I have been trying to get my hands on this plush. My absolute favorite Aipom *w* He's so tiny and soft and cuuuute. I wish Ambipom had got a canvas but atleast there's the cute pokedoll (that I still need to obtain)

And I end my post with Snowmon Emolga and Snowfloon ornament that I made this week :D
I'll be taking commissions for snowmons and snowball ornaments next week so if you're interested be on the look out :3

Bought a bunch of the New Years Darumaka items as christmas gift to myself but I'll probably hold off my next collection update for the very end of the year ^^

Looking to buy:

Clearfile, bag, or hankercheif of tohoku art & Larvitar movie charm
Check out my Collection Site for more wants but I have to be pretty picky right now!

Thanks for reading!
Tags: aipom, axew, contest, croagunk, drifloon, emolga, joltik, larvitar, lotad, mandibuzz, meloetta, munchlax, oshawott, psyduck, scraggy, sewaddle, victini, vullaby
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