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Autumn Fun Photo Contest Entry - An outdoor cat

Yo! It's been a long, long time since I've made a community post, but I've remained active as a Pokémon collector and a pkmncollectors. I have a post planned for the weekend, but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring for the Autumn Fun Photo Contest.

This post can serve as much as a custom item debut as it can a contest entry, as it features my fantastic Meowth sculpture by the supremely talented Emily Sculpts. The sculpture is a spot-on reproduction of my favorite Meowth TCG card's artwork. One of many aspects of the artwork that I like is Meowth in thoughtful repose, seemingly admiring the splendor of nature around him. When I received the sculpture, the seasons were changing and the leaves were turning, and the landscape lent itself to an autumnal interpretation of the TCG card's artwork. I will probably take similar pictures once winter falls and spring blooms (though I promise I won't thematically "double dip" and use them in future contests). It's a pretty simple composition, but I think it fits well--what I love most about autumn is the slower pace and calmer atmosphere.

Thanks for checking it out! I'll hopefully be back soon with a more poignant post.
Tags: contest, meowth
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