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Super Massive Keychain Trades/Questions

Hello, everyone!

Trades! Lots of keychains, many with unknown origins! I want to know more about some of them. Please answer my questsions and see if there are anything you'd like to trade for!


(image purposely blurry...)

I am looking for items on my wants list, found on my collection site here!
Main things:
SWING KEYCHAINS of qwilifish, shuckle, octillery, and spinarak
METAL FIGURES of ditto, ekans, and spinarak.

Those will be the only items I will trade for. I will also accept customs (ONLY plush or perler beads) if I like the offer and I think your work is in my style. Also, if you have a trade post, please feel free to show it to me. :3

These keychains will be going up for auction in a couple of weeks, so if you don't have anything to trade, don't fret! :D

Please tell me more about these if you know:

The Vaporeon PLAYS MUSIC when you tough the two bottom metal parts at the same time.
The pink thing is a CLEFAIRY POKEDOLL that is also a BELL (hence the line at the bottom).
ANA promotion keychain. What's up with Ana?
Superhero Mew and Mewtwo: I have never seen this pose before, it's so strange. Has anyone else?
The Mew on the pink rectangle moves, and it appears to chop something? There are sets of small, flimsy razors inside, but I'm not sure what they do.
The Meowth is a key. I think the Key is just a placeholder for a real key? Or it might be a key to some playset?


Now...FLAT KEYCHAIN THINGS! (Porygon and Rattata will NOT be traded or sold unless I get an absolutely amazeballs offer)

Figure Keychains...some of these are damaged/strange. (Note that I am looking for a SPINARAK in this style)

The two charizard are the exact same model, but they have different keychains. One looks like a swing keychain thing and the other just has a itty bitty chain. This is so weird
Also the basket pikachus...the sleepy pikachu sits in the basket all cute. :3 but i've never seen it before, and I don't think it's related to something that happened in a movie (so I'm not sure if it's part of a promotion).

Some of those are phone charms, like these:

Bell Keychains! Very reluctant to part with the wooper~

Locks and keys...(I'm tempted to keep the hoothoot....and I likely WILL be keeping the key)

Light up guys! Does anyone know more info on these? (The bottom ones don't light up, the top ones do)

These pokemon are bells. I mean, they're just BELLS AH

The clefairy pokedoll bell intrigues me, and I think it's kind of rare. I'm reluctant to part with it, and I think it may be little-known pokedoll merchandise. Does anyone know anything about it?
Also, it may be a piece of "pokedoll" merchandise from before the pokedoll plush line, since clefairy was the original in-game representation.

WHITE TIPPED keychains (the metal is held to the plastic with little white plastic)
As you can see, some of them are rather glossy and see-through and some of them have swirly button things on the bottom, like so:

When I turn them, they don't do anything. These say "On/Off". The Gengars have them, but they appear to be hollow. WUT
Please someone tell me about them!

Some of these suckers TALK. The chikorita goes, "CHIKA-CHIKA!" The vaporeon plays a tune I don't recognize, and one of the pichus goes PICHU PICHU really loud. Charmander still has the factory tag thing. I have to pull it out if I want it to work.
They all have buttons to press or little metal pieces to connect to make them talk.

MISC. (And some repeats)

The strap appears to be newer (it has oshawatt, snivy, and tepig on the strap itself, and the pikachu is rather slim)
Still wanna know what ANA is about. And the crazy BELL pokemon. And the Cleffa pink thing appears to be a star stamp of some sort? Maybe a thing that cuts out paper?

Also trades :3

More Pics can be found here:

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