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~ Christmas sales! ~

Hi guys, feeling festive yet?

I'm back with Christmas sales for you all, including a minty 1/1 Cyndaquil, a 2011 New Year's sleepy Oshawott and a custom clock! I'll be sad to see these guys go, but ultimately I need the money more right now and I feel they would be valued more in the hands of another.

banner final sales

Oh, hello there, foreign customer, and welcome to my humble OshaQuil store. I hope you can find a wonderful gift for a loved one here. I have many wares, all available for you to purchase or offer upon.

Here are some guidelines for you to comprehend, before you journey into my shop.
155Haggling will be welcomed with open arms, but if someone responds after you regarding an item and offers to pay a higher price before the deal is done, they will be taken up on their offer unless you are willing to go higher.
OshawottI got sales permission on October 29th 2011, from entirelycliched. My feedback is also here for all you guys to see :D
155I am from England. Items will be shipped next working day (if possible), and you will be alerted when your item is shipped out. I will default ship 1st Class/Airmail. Additional insurance/tracking can be added for an extra price.
I am not resposible for lost or mishandled packages, but I will pack them to the best of my ability to minimise damage done by the clumsy hands of postal workers.
OshawottI have 2 beautiful cats, and one cleans himself excessively, so I would suggest not buying from me if you have allergies to the saliva or the dander. I will, however, attempt to get as many stray hairs off your plushes as I physically can. I live in a strictly non-smoking household.
155Holds can be done for 24 hours - any more time will need discussing in advance. Once a quote has been given, you will have 12 hours to say whether or not you want the item, or it will be open for sale once more.
OshawottI only accept PayPal, sorry eCheck fans (>.<)
155I'm not accepting any trades, unless anyone has a PS3 they'd like to trade for the 1/1 Cynda ;)
OshawottAnyone who backs out after committing gets a negative feedback! You've been warned :P
155The BINs are no longer valid after offers have been placed.

You have had sufficient time to acquaint yourself with the rules? Ah good. You may now proceed into the shop. Take your time - you are welcome to stay for as long as you like.

Here, this is Ureshii. He will escort you around my little store today. He is about 10" tall and serves as a wonderful size guide for me. I hope he is as helpful as usual - otherwise he will be at the receiving end of some harsh words at the end of his shift!

UP FOR OFFERS (offers end at 6pm UK time on 1st December)

Our first item is a rare 1/1 Cyndaquil plush. He is 11 years of age now, quite the grown up, and he has only had two owners including me since he came from the Pokemon Center website 11 years ago.
He is in mint condition, and was kept in a cupboard for 10 years prior to arriving at the shop. Here he has been kept in a dust bag for 6 months, followed by being in a shadowed corner away from any harsh sunlight that could damage his beautiful, soft vivid material. His flame is quite a sight to behold - with beautiful, soft, bright red material.
Cyndaquil is up for offers starting at $120, with a buy it now price of $210 $180.

Our second item available for your viewing today is a 2011 sleeping "hatsuyume" New Year's Oshawott plush. He is made of the most beautifully plush and thick material, like minky but with longer strands. He has been kept in mint condition since his arrival in January, but his tag is a little ripped out where is attaches to his tush. This was the case when I received him, sorry >.> I have taken a picture of this so that you can see it for yourself. It is a very minor and unnoticeable detail, and I hope it doesn't put anyone off too much. Other than this, he is flawless.

Oshawott is also up for offers starting at $40, with a buy it now price of $80.

STRAIGHT SALES (also open to bi, gay, ace, pan and other sexualities lol)
We also have some beautiful items available for purchase. I'm sure Ureshii would be happy to show you them and tell you a little more about them.

This is the TY beanie Oshawott, he is in very good condition but his tag is sadly a little bent.
He is available for a price of $5. SOLDITY SOLD SOLD SOLD 
This is the Jakks Oshawott, he is very small and cute! He lost his hangtag, but still has his butt tag. He's so tiny and kawaiii (^_^)
He is just $3, very reasonable, yes?

This is the PokeCen Oshawott, yet contrary to popular belief we are not related! Yet there is such a resemblance, don't you see? His hang tag is sadly bent, but otherwise he is very well kept.
He can be purchased for $10

This is the DX UFO Oshawott. He is like a big brother to me, can't you see? He is in mint condition, and has his hangtag well preserved.
He can be bought today from the shop for $20. 

Our next item is the Tomy Oshawott. He is is very good condition but his hangtag is detached, although I can include in the package for you if you would like it. Also, his butt tag is a little beaten up.
We would like $10 for him.

That is enough Oshawott for now, let's move onto the 2010 UFO cyndaquil. He is cute, compact and very awesome! He has been a good buddy to me, so look after him.
He can be yours today for just $15.

That is all from the plush section of our little store today, but if you'll kindly follow me to the workshop...

This is an old product I made with my own two... stumps, about 6 months ago. It is made of and painted with acrylic. The clock mechanism works, and it just requires a battery (the normal ones, AA I think xD). The gold numbers, in my opinion, are unsightly, so I can remove them for you if you would prefer. The acrylic was hand cut and filed and sanded by me, taking about 3 hours of constant work. Ah, it takes a lot of effort to make a clock, more in fact than you would think, even if you do not even create the mechanism! It is modelled on myself, do you see the likeness?
I would like $10 for it, but suggest whatever you find reasonable.

That is all we have of our wares for today. I hope Ureshii has been a good guide; he is very helpful normally after all!
Thank you for visiting my humble store, I hope that you will decide to purchase one of my beautiful pieces. Goodbye for now!

Please comment for quotes, and I threads are now up!
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