Sapphire Luna (sapphireluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sapphire Luna

Some stuff

I'm not a big fan of figures, unless there are very well detailed.
But I do love zukans! I'd like to collect them, but I only have two right now.

I love Celebi and Yanma! Please ignore the girls in the back XD

I would especially like the Anorith/Armaldo zukan (anything Anorith related, actually!) and the Wooper/Quagsire zukan, as well as the Articuno one. I know those are rare but I was just saying.

I also found this tiny super cute Wooper plushie.


He looks good between his two pika pals! The Wooper Pokeplush is too expensive ;/ but this one was affordable! Yays!

Speaking of zukans, I was supposed to buy a Riolu/Lucario zukan from someone here. But that person never got back to me, and I forgot his/her name ^_^; Are you still around?

And one more thing!
I would like to request permission to make a first sale post! I've been here for a while, even though I don't talk much. See my ebay feedback here.

Tags: celebi, collection, pikachu, wooper, yanma, yanmega
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