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collection update! <3

*squee* I love Sundays now, they seem to be my pokemon day! Every time I go shopping on a sunday for the past few weeks, I have found pokemons, and today was the best so far I think =3

I didn't have luck again with zukan though *sigh* and now the shop i get from has none left and I don't think they're getting anymore *cries*
if anyone has that darn starters zukan from the palkia diamond and pearl set and would like to part with it, please let me know, i would love to buy or trade one =(
all i seem to get are sudowoodo ;_; i have 3 now!! i had 4! argh! so yeah, i have two sudowoodo and bonsly zukan spare if anyone wants to buy one, take them awaaay XD all i wanted was that darn piplup ;_;

anyway! i got PLUSHIES today! YAY! I also had a parcel arrive yesterday =o from yaoi_queen  woop woop!! =D Thankyou!

oh and to fairymon7  i received your payment for the sneasel/weavile zukan, thankyou! it will be on it's way to you as soon as the echeque clears ^^ and to serasaturn  your pikachu will be on it's way to you too this week when i go to the post office ^^ thankyou too!

and of course I've taken pictures of all my latest additions to my collection =3 it's a little image heavy though, i'm sorry!
oh! and i also obtained a grail this week! (or hopefully) it might not seem as impressive as some to you guys, but to me it's AMAZING! <3 <3 <3 so there's details of that under the cut too =D =D =D

Well firstly, yesterday my parcel from yaoi_queen  arrived! yay!
and these are what was inside it! =D =D

raichu! YAY! she's so squishy and cute! she's my first little rai rai =3 i love her, thankyou!! =D =D

eeee!! PIPLUP!! <3 <3 It's the POP promo card! ^^ and i love the cute little note with the sticker =D =D and when i got the envelope, it has piplup stickers on it too! <3

aaaand finally!

EEEE!!! isn't it amazing? =D Piplup-lution poster!! <3 It's now on my wall right beside me XD I love it!

and now for the things i got today =D
i go to little collectors shops and things on sundays and this is where i found the following items ^^

HOW CUTE IS THIS PIKACHU? I swear, I actually squealed! He's very different compared to my other pika plushies (although i guess it would be considering my others are around 10 years old XD) he's about 8" tall (roughly) and is SO soft and lovely! apparently he's by bandai, i've never seen it before =o i love it! <3

torchic!! =D I got this plushie from the same place and it's quite a bit smaller than the pikachu, but still oh so cute! i don't have anything else in torchic but i couldn't resist it's cute little face =3 eeee love it! =D oh and this plush is also by bandai ^^

treecko! =D this plushie's around the same size as the torchic and is again by bandai, so i guess they're from the same set (i almost cried at the fact that they had no mudkip for sale! =() and again, i have no other treecko items since i'm not really a collector of it, but look at iiit, i couldn't leave it behind XD

and this goofy looking guy is for my boyfriend XD it's the play by play charmander and i think it's around 10" or so, he's rather endearing in a goofy way XD he's a little dirty though so i'll have to clean him up, but other than that, quite a nice find i think =D

the other items in the first picture are a dialga ds lite case (even though i don't actually have a ds lite XD it just looked so shiny and pretty.. i couldn't resist ^^;) and one of the sudowoodo zukan and the mr mime zukan (which i have decided to keep since i do like mime jr.. even if mr mime scares the life out of me XD)

now for my grail! <3 <3 yeah you'll all probably be like "wtf.. that's not even rare!" but the thing i wanted the most was a large-ish piplup plush that was cuddly sized =3 i seemed to miss every single one that i saw for sale because piplup's so popular and the plushies on ebay were usually stupidly priced (or had high shipping charges) but finally i think i have one! <3

he's not here yet which is why i say "i think" XD he's made by banpresto so i'm guessing he's a UFO plush? And he's apparently 11" tall, yay!! I can't wait for him to get here =D =D *so happy*

I also managed to buy a shaymin pokedoll and a skymin charm from gin so i'll be sure to post when they arrive =D yay!

you might be able to tell i'm rather happy XD <3
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