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I couldn't resist! Also quick question at the end :3

I have been meaning to make a collection update, but I am waiting for a few packages. My Elgyem, Chandelure, and Meloetta. But i got this in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited! 

WA LA! A Cresselia Pokedoll! She's so beautiful!
IMAG0916        IMAG0914
IMAG0915        IMAG0918
                                                                                               THAT SMILE!! OMG ^-^
I finally have the Lunar Twins!
I'm only missing like 6 legendaries from the D&P series now! Heatran, Rotom, Azelf, Uxie, Dialga, and Palkia!

Also a question!

I'm just curious, how much would you all charge for eh... Let's say a Dusknoir Pokedoll? I really want pokemon from my team. The only thing I could do is an art trade. I do drawings and watercolor paintings. I also do vinyl decals, all vector images designed by me.
If you would like any examples, comment or message me and I'll get some stuff to show you<3

Thanks for your time!

Tags: cresselia, plush
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