raichu_saana (raichu_saana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New arrivals :)

1) A sticker sheet from a trade with pheonixxfoxx. Raichu + artwork by Ken Sugimori = instant drool. When I received it I was soo close deciding to collect all of these sheets, with or without Raichus in them. Maybe when my Raichu collection is complete... in a couple of decades. :) This sheet also features my favourite Sugimori-style character after the gerbil-like Raichu: plump old-school Pikachu!
2) The newest English Raichu TCG card from ravestars85 (for just 25 cents plus shipping o.o). I haven't got many English cards left to collect anymore, if you don't count reverse holos.
3) An awesome doodle by pheonixxfoxx. Soon I'll have a folder full of Raichu drawings, it's so great that so many members of this community add extra like this. ^^

A clear Full Color Stadium 2 Raichu figure from a trade with keisuro.

A Japanese Fossil Raichu from a trade with kefanii.

Thank you again!

Tags: raichu
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