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Banner art by meuniere

I am located in the US, but will ship internationally. Include your zip code/country with what you want to buy and I'll give you your total.

I accept Paypal payments only.

I do however, also accept trades! Here's my current wishlist!

When you pay, please list what you bought and your LJ user name in the note section. That makes things easier to keep track of.

After receiving your item, let me know and feel free leave feedback for me HERE.

Your order will be shipped ASAP and I will let you know when it has been sent out.

These items come from a smoke-free home, but we do have dogs that have access to most of the house.

I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for whatever reason.

Sales permission granted by denkimouse

Custom Midnight Lycanroc Plush (Made by me)- $150
12in tall, eyes painted to glow in the dark, more photos here!

Plush lot- $30 **Will be pricy to ship due to size!
Gengar, Wailord, and Rowlett are bootlegs
Large Swadloon is a custom plush made by me
Dialga UFO catcher's stiff fabric bits are starting to separate
Inkay and Pumpkaboo are UFO catchers, Kyurem forms are JP pokedolls, Ducklett, Bisharp, Fletchling, and Glaceon are US release pokedolls, Musharna is US release Pokecen plush

Ghost Type Pokemon Lot- $40 OBO
Haunter plush are customs big one by f4y3, walky sprite one I can't remember the artist ;n;, lot contains a bunch of pokemon kids, some TOMY figures (*Haunter TOMY is possible bootleg, I was never sure)
***Inkay phone charm is part of the MISC Lot, I missed moving it into that box.

Regis Lot- $30
Custom plush by me, pokemon kids, TOMY figures, chou get, Pokedoll promo zipper case

Zekrom Lot- $25 OBO
Reshiram Lot- $25 OBO
Or BOTH LOTS- $40 ***Will be pricey to ship due to size/weight

Both lots have UFO Catcher plush, zukan, large Jakks figures, TOMY figures, phone charms, pre-built buildable model figures, pins from the BW tour event

Rayquaza Lot- $20 OBO

Charizard Lot- $10
Large figure shoots flames but has a broken wing joint, wing does not stay in well

Rat Lot- $15
Plush are both custom, raticate by me, rattata by Norkia I think?
Pokemon kids, TOMY figures

MISC Lot- $15 OBO
TOMY figures (a couple in capsules, Aipom, Hitmonlee may be bootlegs, the rest are legit), pokemon kids, chupa chup figures, a LOT of different things

Giratina Altered Forme Pokedoll x2 x1- $13 ea

Reversible Giratina Cosplay Jacket, handmade by me- $50
Fits a women’s medium, but is a bit snug due to the multiple layers
Altered forme wings have fun foam inside for shape
Yellowing near the wrists as a result of transfer from the cuffs
Includes a light striped sweater, the jacket itself, and the origin forme wing scarf
Spot clean only

I also have several non-Pokemon items for sale over here on my personal! Including handmade plush leftover from convention artist alleys I sell at!

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