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So...out of boredom, I figured I would take some collection pictures. I first was going to take updated Gallade photos, but then realized I have a Gallade figure on the way from kari_xiii and I also need to find the new Jakks Gallade! (I meant to go to Target today...yet, never got the chance to =\)...

Then I thought, ok...I'll take an updated picture of my Mewtwo collection, seeing as I have gotten some new items recently...but them remembered a holy grail for that collection should be arriving any day now and it'd be stupid of me to take pictures of him now...

Instead...I decided on a part of my collection that I love very, very much...and even though it is not complete at the moment...(I have 9 things for this collection on the way)...I figured I would take some better, updated photos of it ^_^!

My Jumbo Card Collection!!!

What's this...a jumbo stack of jumbos?!

I then tried to sort some way o_O; and came up with these pictures o.o;

Darkrai Holo (english)
Bird Trio
Bird Trio Trainer
Bird Trio (english) - This (as well as the English Pikachu in the next picture) is from randomflavor ^_^ - Thank you so much!)

Swimming Group
Pikachu (base, english jumbo)
Pikachu and the Pichu Bros. - Actually, my *very* first jumbo that my stepdad bought for me *YEARS* ago :D
Pika + Fairy's
Pika-Group Trainer

Fire + Others:
Charizard (base english, but released in Japan only)
Gardevoir EX Holo - which I got from growly awhile ago ^^

The two on the bottom are Bandai Jumbo Carddass (?) cards, featuring some of my favorite Pokemon! ^_^

And last but not least is just a group shot of them all together!...please don't mind my carpet and the crappy picture...I had to adjust the brightness and contrast in this one...due to the fact that my light was *right* above them xD

Also...if you are curious about the "actual" size...Here is a reference picture of a Jumbo, Box Topper and TCG card all next to one another :)

Well...there ya go ^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed this as a somewhat intermission (?) until I can update one of my main collections....which I am hoping will be tomorrow or sometime this week...*fingers crossed*
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