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久しぶり! Eevee collection express pickup offer

Pickups are now CLOSED! My list is full, so as long as your name appears below, you are on it. Please keep in mind I need to have your payment by Tues Japan time (Mon night EST) or I won't buy your items. Thanks!

It's been awhile! I've been conducting my pickups on Facebook recently, but I'd like to offer a quick run here to the community. This is for Eevee collection items only! I want to give people a chance to get items they missed, since Yokohama has more stock and such. This pickup will take place in 2 days, which doesn't give much time...

I am basically offering this list:
Pokemon center plush $25 each
TOMY plush $23 each
Mini Pokedolls $13 each
Clearfiles $7 each or $48 for a set of 8
Mat & coaster set $23 each*
Cups $12 each*
Card sleeves $8
Card boxes $9
Card binders w/ cards $42
Sleepy Eevee pillows $40*

*starred items are questionably in stock. Some Eevos might already be sold out..
I can only carry a certain amount of pillows and sets of PC/TOMY plush.

There will be two payments- the first is a deposit, which I will collect asap, before the pickup time. That will include item cost and fees. Any items that aren't available will be refunded (or you can apply it to your shipping cost). Please specify if you only want item A if item B is not available, or some special circumstance.
The second payment will be shipping. That will be calculated once I get back from the center, find a box, and weigh it up. Please keep in mind that full sets of PC or TOMY plush, as well as sleepy pillows have to go EMS! The size & length is the reason. Also, cups are very heavy plastic, so the shipping will be a little high.
Orders over $50 must add tracking, which is $5.50.

Here are some shipping estimates:
Set of PC or TOMY plush $34-$37
2 PC or TOMY plush $8-$9
2 cups $10-$11
Set of 8 cups $32-$33
Set of mini pokedolls $20-$25
Set of clearfiles $10-$12

Please keep in mind the potential cost of shipping before placing an order. Also, I refuse to do awkward/troublesome shipping, such as 1 clearfile and 1 plush. Try to think logically when ordering, about how things will be packed.

1. dialny - Eevee pillow, Eevee & Umbreon clearfile $55.92 PAID
2. neko_dono250 - Umbreon TOMY plush $29.66 (includes shipping)
3. ninjafalcomon - Jolteon TOMY $29.66 (includes shipping) PAID
4. spideyroxas - TOMY Jolteon, Mini Jolteon pokedoll $37.38 PAID
5. umbreongirl - Vaporeon OR Umbreon TOMY $29.66 (includes shipping) PAID
6. rodry99 - Vaporeon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
7. edg0atmummydx - Eevee PC plush (Glaceon PC if sold out) $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
8. bode_radio - Leafeon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
9. nicopanda - card binder, mini Jolteon, Jolteon clearfile, Eevo charms set (on hand) $96.09 PAID
10. darkzorua - Espeon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
11. rivalsacha - Espeon mini, 2 Umbreon minis $40.47
12. bojakshiya - PC Jolteon (BUT bowl/plate set is preferred) $32.75 (includes shipping for Jolty, will be adjusted if I can get the set instead) PAID
13. tsuiling - Vaporeon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
14. cloudy_may - Flareon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
15. sei15 - Espeon & Vaporeon PC plush, stamp set $95.06 PAID
16. alchemillapkmn - Vaporeon PC plush, Jolteon mini $47.17 (includes shipping) PAID
17. orangegarchomp - Vaporeon & Jolteon PC plush $65.71 AIR w/ tracking PAID
18. revarrie - Glaceon PS plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
19. angela_samshi - Vaporeon PC plush $32.75 (includes shipping) PAID
20. chaosoftwilight - Umbreon PC plush, Umbreon TOMY, Umbreon mat/coaster set $73.43 PAID
21. shinjiwolf - Eevee pillow $41.50 PAID
22. tailglow - Eevee pillow $41.50 PAID (set of clearfiles, if sold out)
23. epicaz - Vaporeon PC plush, Jolteon cup $38.41 PAID
24. emurii - Vaporeon & Umbreon cups $25.03
25. mewmew151 - set of PC plush, set of cups $305.15
26. squeakaree - PC Flareon plush, TOMY Eevee $57.98 (includes shipping) PAID

Please send deposits to and include your username and order.
I would like to cap this list at no more that 15 orders, depending on how large/small they are.
Time is of the essance! Once you confirm your order, I will give you your deposit amount and you can pay.

This pickup will take place on Tuesday, December 4th (Japan time). The exact time has no been decided, but probably late afternoon-dinnertime. Deposits MUST be paid by then to ensure I can get your items.

-Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on 3/17/11
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