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Sales post! Everything is $5 or less! MAKE AN OFFER!!

Chou Getto

I *just* got these in the mail :X! Never taken out of their plastic, perfect condition. (First person who wants it can have the paper insert for free.)
Only Rampardos remaining


Large talking Charmander (works) has paint damage
Large talking Squirtle (works)
Large PVC Togepi
Talking, walking Togepi (needs batteries)
Togepi lollipop keychain holder
Togepi lightup keychain, pictured below (does not work)
Small, light-up Charmander (does not work)


Squirtle needs a friend!


Togepi Birthday Card with stickers & games (can provide more pics)
Ivysaur/Raticate/Togepi Southern Isle promo postcard
Gold Togepi card

BK 1st Movie Toys

All but either 1 Meowth or Togepi come with their own Pokeball. 3 Pokeballs without red portion available, free with any purchase.
Meowth x2 Plush
Togepi Plush, Muk keychain, Koffing top, Graveler top, Raichu light-up toy (has yellow part of his tail but not brown, no longer lights up)
Lapras launcher
Mew light-up toy - still lights up, comes with recalled pink energy Pokeball


Hey You! Pikachu!

I am open to haggling (within reason, these are all fairly cheap)! :] My wantlist can be found here in case you want to make a trade.
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