orangey_blue (orangey_blue) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The update that involves many legs!

Hello all!

Today I bring you a many-legged update, involving spiders and octopi! 

I ~finally~ got an octillery tomy. Jeesh, you'd think my main collection dude would get like the easiest to get thing ever? Seriously. 
He looks a lot like the european candy figure, but they are rather different. The Tomy's mouth is bigger and he's a bit bulkier, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were just variations on the same model. 

Here are my spiders! I love them so much o3o

Let me draw your attention to two eight-legged not-freaks in particular...

Firstly, the SUPER DUPER AMAZING spinarak TFG! Thank you so so so much white_chocobo! I love this guy soo much! He's so much prettier in real life than he is in pictures, I love his web! 
And this guy! Probably my favorite clear kid ever. I'd be hard pressed to find a cooler one! The colors go so well 030 Thank you so much milomilotic11~~!

All my spider collection will be updated on my almost done collection site soon! hooray! 
And those are my spiders thus far! i'm always on the look out for more spider things, so be sure to let me know if you spy-der anything cool. :)

Hope you like 'em!~

And my SUPER DUPER KEYCHAIN AUCTIONS are up on my journal! All the comm rules apply there, so...have at it! 

And quick wants reminder....I want swing kecyhains of SPINARAK, OCTILLERY, QWILFISH, and SHUCKLE! Please let me know if you have one :3 Even if you aren't looking to sell, please give me some good pics! Thankies  o3o

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