JessLyra (jesslyra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Zebras and collection weeding

Hello Community, been a long while since I last posted. Today I bring you a Zebra update and sales.
But first I have a query for Denkimouse. I have'nt recieved my dot sprite Zebstrika charm. Im wondering if its got lost in the post, as everything else I've had from you has made it here quickly before. Just wondering where that little guy is. I don't know if I missed a post about them or not but, hope to hear something and has anyone else had the same?

Now for Zebras!

I've rearranged my flats and stuck them to the shelf. Now I have a heeowdge space for missing Blitzles. I'm still after teh TOMY, the Pokedoll and the mini Blitzle plushies as well as the stampers and the dot sprite charms.

And now that I have finally sold the standee, my Zebstrika posters can take over ^_^ I love that huge one <3

I have been clearing out my collection. Nowadays I am only after an odd few pokemon, Blitzle/Zebstrika, Pidgeotto/Pidgeot and Liepard. The rest of my collection are pokemon I like and merch that I like too. So expect the odd fire pokemon in the sales. 
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